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Read Mt 28:19 and talk about how evangelism is a purpose that you cannot do in heaven. To fulfill this purpose and command we must do it now while we are living. 

Give each person a piece of paper and pen. Have them write down the names of their friends who need to know Christ. Have them fold it into the size of a bookmark for their Bible. Ask them to commit to praying for those friends every day. 

Give each group member a piece of paper or index card. On the front have them write out "churchy" words like fellowship, salvation etc) On the back have them write out alternative ways of saying the same thing. Ask them to practice using non-churchy words as a part of their regular vocabulary. 
Plan an event as a group where you will invite unchurched friends. It can be a cookout, our an activity like bowling, or whatever your group comes up with. Talk to them about being friendly to each other's friends and making everyone feel comfortable. Ask each person to invite friends to the fun event so that they can meet the group. 

Put out an empty chair at every group meeting. Each week remind the group that you all have the goal of filling that chair. Once it is filled, put out another empty chair. 

Make a poster board with the names of all of your group member's unchurched friends. Each week set the poster board on the empty chair so that they can see that their friend belongs in that chair. 

Every week pray over the names that are on the pasteboard in the empty chair. 

Have everyone share the story of how they heard about TDM and how they got connected. Then talk about the power of the invitation with the group.

Ask group members invite their unchurched friend out for a meal this week.Don't be preachy, just establish the 
relationship. Then as a group be praying for each other's meetings. 

One time a month ask group members to share think about how they can share Christ this week. Write down the ideas and then try them out as a group.

Ask group members to develop a 3 minute version of their story and a 7 minute version of their story. This helps them be prepared when the opportune time arises. 

Have you noticed that in the New Testament, Jesus first ministered to peoples physical needs and then he shared the gospel with them? Look at your list of unchurched friends and begin to minister to their needs. You will then gain the credibility to share the gospel in their lives. 

Read Psalm 96:2-3, 1 Peter 2:9 and 2 Timothy 2:2. Then discuss how declaring, teaching, reaching and praise are linked in these scriptures.

Brainstorm ideas with your group. How can you as a group help first time visitors to TDM feel more welcome. What is something that could add that feeling of caring to people who come for the first, second and third time visit? What are you going to do about that as a small group?
Find a house in your community that needs some work done, maybe shoveling snow, or raking leaves or cutting the grass. As a group go do that task for that family (get permission first). then tell the family that you are from TDM and you simply wanted to do something kind for your community. Leave them some literature with the church info and even collect their phone number so you can follow up with them. Then ask them if they have anything that they would like prayer for. Pray for them and bless them. In about a week call them and ask them how the situation that you prayed for is going. 

Organize a garage sale or food sale with your group to raise some money. Then do a neighborhood cookout and give free food to the neighborhood. Offer prayer to anyone who is interested. Tell them you are form TDM and give them the church info. If anyone is especially touched, follow up with them and invite them to church

Watch for a time of need in the lives of any of your unchurched friends from your list. When that time comes, as a group go meet that need for that person. Bless them so that they can see the hands of Christ in action. 

Make a thanksgiving meal or Christmas meal and invite people from your list of unchurched friends or even from church who do not have anyplace to go for the holiday. 

Make a challenge for your group. Challenge them to talk to their neighbors. Every time they talk to their neighbors, tell them to ask, is their anything I can pray for you about? Most people do not reject prayer.

Statistics show that people are generally more open to hear the gospel when they are in a time of transition. As a group what are some ways that you can help a person in transition? (For example, put together welcome baskets for people who are new to the area, make basket for expecting mom's or a comfort kit for someone who has lost a loved one.) What is something your group can do to help unchurched people in a time of need as a way to share the gospel?

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Have you noticed that after years of marriage it can get harder to come up with ideas that are creative and romantic? A few weeks before Valentines Day separate your group by gender. Instruct each group to come up with 10 creative ways to say I love you to their spouse. AS they come up with creative ideas have each group member plan a Valentines surprise for their spouse. 

Figure out another group at your church is meeting and secretly ambush them. Bring treats, snacks or even a meal to the other group unannounced. Knock on the door and say, "You are being ambushed with love!" Drop off the gift, give everyone a hug and leave. Then go back to your normal group meeting place. and have a time of fellowship, laughter and your regular lesson. 

Have each group member including yourself write down 5 things that they think other group members may not know about them. Collect the papers and plan to use them at the next group meeting. Before the meeting pick one thing from each group member that you think is interesting and nobody would guess and write it out one thing about each person on a single piece of paper. Make copies and give one copy to each group member. Have group members write down the name of who they think each person is. Give them 3 minutes. Then share the truth about who said each thing. Give the person who guesses the most correct a $5 gift card for coffee or some other small thing.

Write out questions that you would ask to get to know somebody on different pieces of paper and tape it under the chairs where group members sit, or under the couch cushions. At sharing time have each person grab the question and answer it about themselves. Keep it light and fun.This is not Bible trivia, these are questions that help us learn more about a person.  

If a group member is missing because they are sick or for any reason, do a group phone call on speaker. Have the group tell them that they miss them. You can pass the phone around the room and have each person say hi and that they hope they feel better. Just let the person know that they are important and that they are missed. This is not a time to be judgmental toward them. 

Bring a piece of poster board to the group. Write a title question on it that says: "Something that I would like to discuss in my small group is..." Hang the poster board on the wall. Give pens that will not bleed through the poster board and ask group members to finish the sentence. Use those answers to start a brief conversation or to give you ideas on things your group can talk about in the future. 

Cut straws of different lengths and have each group member draw a straw from your hand. Tell them that they will answer the discussion questions today in the order of the smallest straw first, the next smallest straw next and on and on. 

To HELP GROUP MEMBERS GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER, HAVE THEM DRAW OUT STICK FIGURES OF THEIR FAMILY. Make dad the tallest, then mom then siblings in order. Have them write the name of each person and a phrase that reveals something about them. It could be something like "artistic" or "athletic" or "drama queen". When everybody is done have them share their drawings with the rest of the group. 

Have group members bring a picture of someone from their family that they are closest with or even two people they are close with. Give each person a minute or two to talk about why that relationship is important to them. Take note of what each person says and at the end ask the group if they can remember what was important in the relationships of the other group members. This helps build awareness of how to become a closer friend. 

Have married people bring a picture from their wedding day and share about their wedding day. Have single people find a picture of themselves from high school and bring it to the group. Have them talk about either a high point or low point of their high school years. Whichever thing they want to share. 

Set up a form of communication. You can make a private FaceBook page, a messenger chat or even a texting chat group. In this group send reminders, happy birthdays, announcements, prayer requests, praise reports. Give the group an opportunity to share with each other just like a family does in a family chat group. 

Give each group member 5 pieces of candy. Go around the circle and share something they have done or a place they have been. The goal is to share an experience that nobody else has had. Everyone who has not done that thing needs to give a piece of candy to the speaker. This goes on until most of the group has run out of candy or the candy was mysteriously eaten.  
Plan a day long activity as a group. Plan on a place where you would all like to go, relax and have fun together. Plan games or activities. Spending a day together is a way of accelerating friendships within your small group. 

Take out several of your spices from the kitchen and set them on a table in front of your group before group begins. Ask each group member to share with the group which seasoning describes them the best and why. Also answer this question about yourself. 

Use a nerf ball to help control sharing in the group so everyone doesn't talk at once. The person holding the ball gets to speak. Then they can toss the ball to the next person and now that person gets to speak. If you have a person who wants to talk all the time, remind them that only the person who is holding the ball gets to talk. You can even set a timer for 5 minutes or 8 minutes, so the over talker has to pass the ball when the timer goes off. 

If you have several married couples in your group, take a break from your regular study and play the newly wed game.  Create questions for wives and questions for husbands. Give each person who participates paper and a pencil. both husband and wife answer the questions. The couple who gets the most answers correct gets a prize. Ask fun questions like, "WIVES: Where was your first meal together. What is something your husband recently did to make you feel special? What is your husbands favorite food?" and then HUSBANDS: "What color shirt did your wife wear yesterday? What would your wife consider more romantic, a picnic at the beach at sunset, a candle lit dinner at home cooked by you, ordering pizza and watching a movie?"  Come up with your own fun questions. Have single people in the group be the moderator, score keeper or find roles so that every single person participates in some way. 

Write out several different ice breaker questions. Search for ideas online. Things as simple as, what is one goal you have for the next month. What is your favorite place for quiet time? What is your favorite restaurant and why? Make sure you have enough questions for everyone in your group. Fold the questions and put them in a hat. Pass the hat around the room and each person must answer the question that they draw out of the hat. 

Give each person a piece of paper that says at the top, "for me the greatest moment in our group over the past year was..." Ask everyone to complete the sentence and bring it to your groups Christmas party. Let each group member share a memory from the group. 

Have each group member email statement  to another group member. Guys to guys and girls to girls. Have them start with, you are an important part of our group because... Be sure that you include each others email addresses. 

Have someone make a scrapbook of your small group or a picture video of your group. Have everyone send pictures of memories, outings, fun activities, parties, outreaches and anything that you have done together as a group. Each time that you are about to send of another facilitator and birth another group, play the video or share the scrapbook. 

Meet with another small group. Discuss ideas with the other group or aspects of their meetings. Glean ideas for new ways to approach your own group study time. 

Make a commitment with your group to come to church 20 minutes early on Sunday. Have every group member be sure to greet every single person at church and strike up a conversation with at least 1 new person.  See if they are willing to do this one week a month. 

Have your group schedule a guys night one month and a girls night the next month. Have the guys watch kids when girls go out and the girls watch kids when guys go out. This should be a time of fun with no schedule lesson. You can allow different group members to take turns planning the activities. Remember to set restrictions. No bars, not something overly expensive and and if you have people who have disabilities you may want to restrict the activity level so that everyone is able to participate. 

If it is time to move to a deeper level of intimacy as a group, ask each group member to pray over the week and to write down a hurt, a specific issue or a specific problem that they are dealing with. Do not write their name on the paper. Have them put the paper with no name in a basket when they arrive. Remind group members that the goal is not to figure out who wrote what. It is to offer prayer, support and to help carry one another burdens to The Lord. Ask group members to close their eyes as you read the papers. then take turns praying about each situation as a group. Close the prayer by thanking God for His love and care and answers to prayer. 

Plan a day trip as a group to some place. Remember that not everybody has the same amount of finances available, so keep it very reasonable. Ride together in a vehicle, or girls in one vehicle and guys in another. Spend the day together as a group. 

Every time someone new joins the group, plan a meal together. Go to a restaurant. The goal is to have fun in a non-threatening way. Have fun, laugh and get to know each other. Be sure to include the new person and make them feel part of your group.

Give each group member the list of names of all group members. At the top of the paper write, what you bring to our group is... Have each group member take the paper home and during the week answer that question about every group member. At the next meeting go around and have group members share about what they wrote about each group member. Talk about one group member at a time. After everyone has shared about that group member, move on to the next member. It is a very encouraging time for each group member. 

Challenge your group to look around the church for new people one time a month and to invite the new people to become a part of your small group. each month on the designated week, send a reminder to the group in you group chat that this Sunday is the day to invite ppl to the group. Then ask the group how that felt. What were the struggles? What were the successes? 

Ask group member, "What 3 emotions do you feel most often?" Pay attention to how they answer. You may find ways to minister into their spiritual lives through their answers. You can make a list of emotions available to the group. Some people have a very hard time identifying their emotions, so be patient. 

Have group members identify some spiritual goals they want to reach as a group, or service projects they want to do to further God's Kingdom on earth. Then have the group help come up with how the group can do that. Set deadlines for each action step so that they move this from being a desire into becoming a reality. 

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Celebrate a group member who you see growth in. Give them a copy of "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer. (If you have not read it yet, be sure you read it

Over the next couple of weeks have each group member share for 5 minutes about how they came to Christ. What was the turning point that lead them to make that decision. Have 2 group members share each week over the next several weeks until everyone has had a chance to share their story

Have group members talk about the person in their life who had the greatest impact on them. Define what it was that made that impact. Was it the person's character, words, or actions that sparked spiritual growth? Is there someone who the group members can identify that they can become that person for?

Give each group member a piece of paper. Have them write down the top ten qualities of a disciple of Christ.  Have the group share their answers. As a group try to come to an agreement on what the majority believes the top ten traits are. Write it out on a piece of poster board and take it out each meeting for everyone to see. 

Encourage all group members who have not yet taken a foundational course in Christianity or who may be new believers to take the foundations course at TDM. As a facilitator check in with them and encourage them to complete the entire course. If you have more than one person who is going to take the course, make them into accountability partners who will also encourage each other to attend. 

Have the entire group read the same passage at home each day for the entire week. For example, they can read John 17 each day. Then at your next group meeting read John 17 out loud and have each member talk about some of the thoughts they had while they read it. 

Bring a plant to the group and set it in the middle of the room. Talk about the similarities between the growth and health of a plant and the growth and health of a Christian. Ask the group, "Who is spiritual fertilizer for your growth? Who is a weed in your life that is harming your growth? Who is it that makes you want to grow in your knowledge of Christ or in Christian service?" At the end of the group give the plant to someone who has contributed to the growth of other group members. 

Bring cut up papers and 2 hats. Have each group member write their names on the paper and girls put their name in one hat and guys put their name in another hat. Draw 2 names from the ladies hat, those two are partners. continue in that manner until all the names are drawn. there can be one group of three if there is not an even number of names. Then draw names from the guys hat and do the same thing. Give the group a scripture to memorize. Ask them to check in on their partners throughout the week and ask the partner to recite the scripture to them for practice. At the next group meeting ask and see how many people have memorized their scripture. 
At least one time a year spend the entire meeting and have group members assess their personal spiritual health using the spiritual health assessment tool. Ask each other, "Where are you strong, where do you need to grow? Encourage honesty. Allow time for the group members to work on their spiritual health assessment and their spiritual health plan.

Try an experiment with the group. Ask the group to not watch T.V. or YouTube or use social media for an entire week. in place of this ask group members to commit to 30 minutes each day to read the Bible or another Christian Classic book. If you are unsure of ideas, ask your coach for some tips. At the next meeting talk to your group about how it felt to not watch T.V. or use social media for that week. 

Use a group session or even two group sessions to talk about what temptation is and how we must drastically deal with it. If your group has men and women, separate the group by gender so that people have greater freedom to talk about temptations they may be facing. 

Plan a weekend group walk at a park or nature center. Ask group members to find childcare for this. Pick a time and location that works for everyone. Ask group members to bring their Bibles and a lawn chair. When everyone arrives, send them off separately to different spots and ask them to spend 1 hour alone with the Lord. Ask them to turn their phones off. When everyone returns, ask volunteers to talk about their experience. What did they realize about the value of this time? What did they sense the God was saying to them? How hard was it for them to be quiet and focus on God? How might this experience help develop a regular quiet time with God?

Choose a scripture. It could be as simple as Psalm 1. Ask each group member to silently read the scripture to themselves. Then tell them to think on or meditate on that scripture for 5 - 10minutes. Ask them to read the scripture slowly, and thoughtfully and to pay close attention to what the scripture reveals about God and to listen for God. After the 5-10  minutes as each group member to talk about the passage and to talk about the experience. In our face paced world, this might be a challenge for some people. Explain the importance of slowing down and taking time with God and with His Word. 

Sit around a bonfire or in front of a fireplace with your group. Read 1 Peter 1:7. Ask group members to share a time when they have been "through the fire". In what way did these difficult times produce growth in their lives?

Read 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12 and discuss the similarities between parenting and discipling. Ask the group, "who (if anyone) has been a spiritual parent to you?" Describe the impact that person had on your life. Talk about opportunities that we each have to also be that person for others. 

Read Joshua 3. Notice that the water did not begin to roll back until they stepped into it. Only when they acted in faith and got their feet wet did they get to see God work. Have group members describe a time when they had to take a step of faith and get Ito the water. What situation demanded that they stretch their faith? What growth did they experience during that time? 

During the week ask group members that as they watch T.V. to pay close attention to the messages that are being sent in the program and in the commercials. Ask them to write down any implied or direct messages that are contrary to the Bible. Ask them to bring this list to group next week and share what they found with the group. Then talk about what scripture actually says about each situation. Explain to them that this would also be a good activity to do with their children to help build awareness of how the enemy is constantly sending us these messages. 

Ask group members to share who they relate to the most in the Bible and who they would like to be like (they cannot choose Jesus).

In baseball when someone is the champion of a game, the team signs the ball and gives it to the champion. Adapt that to your small group. Bring a baseball or softball to your group. Award that ball to someone in your group who has gone above and beyond. Ask everyone in the group to write a word of encouragement on the ball for that person ahead of time so that it is all filled out when you surprise them with it. 

Bring a picture of a stop sign to your group. Ask each group member to talk about a time in their life where they stopped growing spiritually. What caused them to stop? What happened to get them growing again?

Bring a gym bag or some weights to the group and set them out as a visual. Then read 1 Timothy 4:7 (NIV) then discuss the following question: In what way is following Christ like working out at the gym?

Have the TV on during the group to a clean show. Every few minutes have someone secretly turn the volume up just a little bit. When the noise gets to a point where it is clearly distracting, turn it off. Then talk about the things that easily distract us from Christ and keep us from hearing God. 
Plan an event as a group where you will invite unchurched friends. It can be a cookout, our an activity like bowling, or whatever your group comes up with. Talk to them about being friendly to each other's friends and making everyone feel comfortable. Ask each person to invite friends to the fun event so that they can meet the group. 

When Jesus spoke about fasting in Matthew 6:16 he said "when you fast" not "If you fast". Decide as a group to do a day of fasting. During what would be meal time, have them stop and pray. Also determine what you will be praying for as a group.
Ask group members to bring their favorite scripture to the next 
meeting and tell them that they will need to explain why that is their favorite scripture next week. 

Divide your group into 2 teams. Tell them that you are going to set a timer and each team needs to come up with as many scriptures as they can related to finances and stewardship. Ask them to list the references on a piece of paper. the team with the most verses is the winner. You can do this same exercise in the future using another important topic as well. 

Once a year challenge group members to set aside a day of reflection and prayer. Encourage group members to start by thinking about the past few months: What has God been teaching them? What struggles have they faced? What prayers has god answered? then have group members pray for God's direction and mindset about what He might want them to do over the next few months. This time should help them reflect, set goals and gain personal direction. Ask group members to share with the group when they plan to take this time of reflection. Have group members write down the dates and ask them to be praying for each other on the day of reflection. 

Let group members know that an evening of affirmation is coming so that they can prepare. Have them share specific areas of growth that they see in each group member.  Make sure that nobody is left unaffirmed or unmentioned. Close the exercise with a time of thanksgiving prayer for what god is doing in the lives of group members.

Bring note cards or index cards to group. Have each group member write out a note of encouragement to someone outside of the group that they have seen growth in Christ. 

Read 1 Timothy 4:13 then choose an evening of scripture reading with your group. Select a Book of the Bible such as Philippians and ask each group member to read a chapter outlaud.  Afterwords talk about the experience of hearing God's Word and about how God spoke to each of you through the scripture reading. Note that this is not an evening of theology, it is a time of personal reflection on the Word. Encourage group members to make this personal, not to come up with original Greek meanings or deep studies into the Word. 

Have each group member read Phillipians 2 every day this week. Ask them to write down one new thing that they learned during their quiet time of reading this week and to bring it to group next week and to share it. 

Ask your group to memorize Galations 5:22-23 this week. Next week talk to them about what we can do to cooperate with the gardener (Jesus) so that we will be fruitful in thee ways. Ask group members to talk about which fruit hthat they would like to see develop most in their lives at this time. 

Take some time to talk about how fast paced life is. Is this God's intention for us as believers? Together make a list of ways that your group members can slow down a little bit. For example: Set an appointment with od and honor that time like you would honor any other appointment. After making the list, have each group member choose which of the ideas they will implement this week. 

Take a few minutes to talk about someone who you. love who has died with you group. Talk about what you admired about that person. No pass out paper to the group and ask them what they would want to be remembered for? What would they want their headstone to say or to be remembered about them at their Eulogy? Encourage them to take some time with the Lord in prayer about what things they might need to do in their lives to help them become that person or develop those traits. 

Read revelations 2:17 with the group. Then have each person in the group share the meaning of their name. Talk about the significance of names in the Bible. Give each group member a small stone. Ask them to put it in their pocket or purse and to put it in a place where they will see it frequently. Maybe in their car or on their desk. Tell them that every time that they see the stone to think about their identity in Christ. Who has Christ created them to be as an 

Read Luke 10:38-42 with your group. Ask group members which of these two ladies they identify with the most and why.  Discuss what it means in practical terms to sit as Jesus feet today. 

Read Ephesians 4:32 (NIV) to your group. Then pass out a piece of paper to each group member. Ask them to spread out. Have them write a letter of pardon to someone who has hurt them. Let them know that they will not have to share the letter with anyone and that they should not actually give it to the person that they are going to forgive.  Explain to them that the issue of forgiveness does not actually involve the offender. It is an issue between the group member and God, not the offender. 

Read Hebrews 3:13 (NIV) to your group. Emphasize where it says to "encourage one another daily".  Make a challenge with your group members to find 20 people in the upcoming week that they will encourage. At the next meeting talk about that experience.

Read 2 Timothy 2:2 (NIV) to the group. then ask the following questions. 1. Who has been a significant Bible teacher or personal mentor to you? What are one or 2 things that you learned from that person? 2. Who in your life might God want you to be mentoring? What truths, knowledge or insights can you pass to that person?

Talk with your group about unity in the church. Ask your group if they feel that they are personally fostering unity in TDM. Then consider if your group is fostering unity with TDM. Then as a group list some ways that the group can foster unity and even community within TDM. 

Bring a bandaid, a knife and a toy gun to your group. Ask the people in your group to identify how they deal with conflict. A band aide offers a quick superficial solution. A knife (think scalpel) offers a deep willingness to be honest and deal with conflict in a healthy way. The gun stands for  wounding people if not totally crushing or killing them. Then discuss with the group what the Bible says about dealing with conflict. Challenge group members to take the correct approaches to conflict. Then close the exercise with a prayer. Ask God to help each of you learn to handle conflict in a healthy, or healthier, manner.


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As a group go out of your way to notice somebody who is seeing at church. Thank them and tell them how much you appreciate what they do for TDM and for God's church

Philippians 2:5-11. Using that scripture, have the group list the various ways that Jesus has served us. Then find scriptures that show other ways that Jesus has served us. Take some time as a group to thank and praise the Lord for his service to us. Then discuss how as the Supreme King, He was also the servant to all. Talk about the differences between that mind set and our mindset in today's culture. 

Talk about the difference between consumers and contributors. Then ask, "What evidence of a consumer mindset do we find in the church in general today? Why is this mindset such an appealing option?" Then point out how in contrast to the consumer mindset, there are ppl in TDM who have the contributor mindset (the mindset of Christ). Show how they are servants to God's Kingdom. Ask the group members to take a minute and think, are the consumer minded at TDM or contributor minded at TDM. Have each group member set a goal that will lead them toward becoming more of a contributor with their gifts at TDM. 

Ask group members, "If neither time nor Money was an obstacle, what would you attempt for God? Evaluate each group members answer and help guests them started serving in an area in church that is related to what they shared. 

Read MT 6:1-4 with the group. Then ask each person to respond to Jesus' teaching by accepting the challenges to anonymously meet someone's need in the upcoming week.

Read 1 Corinthians 12:18 as a group. Have each person in your group chose a person from church who works faithfully behind the scenes. Write notes of encouragement to that person thanking them for their service and letting them know that their service is seen by you and by God. 

Challenge you group members to look at people through the eyes of Christ. This week notice people and find ways to let them know that they matter to God and they matter to you. 

Write each group member's name at the top of a piece of paper, so there is one paper for each group member. Then pass the paper around and ask group members to write down one or two gifts or talents that you see in this person. Each person will write something about every person, so each person gets several things written down. Then have someone read what is written on the different papers. This will be eye opening for some people who have not yet discovered their talents and abilities. Then challenge group members to find a way to use those gifts at TDM. 

Build a bonfire and gather the group around the fire. Read 2 Timothy 1:6. Talk about what it means when it says fan into flames the spiritual gifts God has given you.  Help group members discover their gifts and then fan them into flames. 

Read Acts 4:32 and meet the need of someone in your small group. What does that person need? Cut their grass, take them a meal, offer to babysit. 
A servant does whatever needs to get done. Talk to your group about doing some project at TDM that nobody else is taking responsibility for. Once your group has agreed that they are willing to serve even if it means getting their hands dirty, contact the church office and ask what projects are available for a group to do. Then tackle the task as a group. 

Which group member knows a family who has a need? Maybe they need some yard work or help with some type of project that your group would know how to help with, or groceries for their family, or a car repair that your group can help them pay for. When you go to help that person, bring cookies or some yummy treat to share just to go the extra mile in service. Then let them know that you helped them because God loves them. Leave information about the church with them or invite them to your next small group fun night. 

Think of a single parent in your church. What is something you can do to help that person?  As a group can you buy groceries or take the car for an oil change and a car wash or get a gift card to something fun for the children. What is something your group can do to help that single parent and relieve a little bit of their burden? Of course you want to pray for the family and bless them. 

Read James 1:27 with your group. Identify a widow in your group. How can you help her? Can you shovel her snow, cut her grass, get her an oil change? Spend some time with her, take her to breakfast or dinner this week. As a group, how can you minister to a widow from church this week?

As a group, adopt a family at TDM for Christmas. Get a gift certificate to the movies, or chuck E Cheese or some other fun thing that the family can do together for Christmas. 

Your pastors work very hard and carry a very heavy responsibility at TDM. For pastors appreciation, think of a way that your group can express their gratitude in a tangible way to the pastors. 

Is there a person or couple at your church who might need help around the yard when seasons change? Go rake the leaves for them, or clean out their gutters or shovel the snow for them as a group. Show them that God has not forgotten them. 

As a group, offer to cover the church nursery for a month. Ask the nursery leader what the expectations are, and give all of the nursery workers the month off. As you work in the nursery pray blessings over all of the children. Two group members can cover one week, and two other group members can cover the next. 

If someone at church loses a loved one, as a group have each person write a card and do an act of service. You can bring a meal or send flowers or help in some practical way. If the person who passes is from TDM, then offer this support to their family on behalf of the church that they loved and attended. 

If someone your group knows has a baby, put together a "New Baby Kit". Each person put something in the kit that the person will be able to use and give it to them. Have someone call ahead and get permission first to go deliver the gift. You can also bring meal for the new parent or parents to enjoy. Tell the person the gift is from your church small group. If they do not already go to a group at TDM, this could be a doorway for a future invitation to your group!

Read 1 Timothy 6:18 with your group. Then talk to the group about how we have been blessed so that we can bless others. Challenge the group to help meet a need for someone who is struggling financially right now.  Remind them that we are not digging out old clothes that have stains on them to give. We are giving from our heart, something worthy of the cross. Buy them something, or pay a bill for them. Give something that would be received and would really touch their heart. 

Find a way to bless the children's ministry. Ask the children's workers if you can bring the snack (NO PEANUTS) for the week, or can you help decorate for an upcoming series. Find out what your group can do to bless the children's ministry.

Can your group do something to bless the children's workers? Children's ministers pour their hearts and time into our children. Can your group write a card and give the teachers a gift card or some other type of gift? There are workers who serve in the nursery and workers who serve in the elementary aged ministry who also need ministry from the body of Christ. 

Is there anyone at church who has been sick or had surgery recently? As a group prepare a couple of meals for this person. Help ease the burden of cooking by each group member bringing this person a meal on a different day of the week of one week. 

Buy cookies or donuts for a school that is close to TDM. Write a card of thanks for those teachers who are educating our children. Have the treats delivered to the school that says thank you teachers for all of your hard work in educating our children from Master's Shop church. Include our website so that they can look us up later. 

As a group buy donuts or cookies and bring them to the  fire department that is nearest to church with a note of thanks from Master's Shop church. Tell them how much we appreciate the sacrafice and help in keeping our neighborhood safe for us. Include information about TDM in the card. 

Read Jeremiah 22:16. As a group brainstorm ideas of something that you can do to help our community feel loved. You can grill burgers, or do a free carwash. How can your group tell the community that we see them and we care about them? When you do the outreach, be sure to pray for anyone who would like prayer and to give them information about TDM. If there is anyone who is especially blessed, invite them to church on Sunday or even bring them to your small group. 

Read Luke 17:7-10 with your group. What does this scripture teach about being a servant of Jesus? This week make a goal of serving someone and going the extra mile. Put the cherry on top of the service that you offer. Next week share your experience with the group.

Does your group know someone who is really struggling this Christmas? Have each group member buy one gift for a family in need. Give the gifts to the parent when the children are not around. Let the children think the gifts came from the parent. Let the parent know that your small group cares about them and their children. This could be an open door to inviting this family to your small group. 

Reach out to a youth at TDM. Men can take the boys out, and women can take the girls out. Take them to get some food, get to know them. See the gifts and talents that they have, meet a need in their lives. Pray a blessing over the kids and let them know that you see them and you care about them. 


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Ways we worship
  • Prayer
  • Thanksgiving
  • Music
  • Fasting
  • Sharing Stories of God's answers to prayer
  • Fasting
  • Obedience and Trust
Remove all distractions from your group 
Ask Everyone to turn their phones off
Soften the Lighting in the room

Pray a blessing over the life of someone 

Break into smaller groups so that you can spend more time together praying

Make a list of everything you love about God

Make a list of everything you love about the church God placed you in

Write out on a poster board all of the wonderful traits of God (Love, Mercy etc)

Have a Night of worship as a group with a CD as a group.

Have a group member read a Psalm, and have each person talk about what really impacted them in that Psalm

Have your group sit together during the next Sunday service. Ask them to focus on worship and strongly worship God. Make an impact in that service as a group as you call on the name of God during worship.

Bless your small group coach or pastors. Find out some treats that they really like or get them a gift certificate and give it them with a note or card that shares a word of encouragement or a praise to God.

Have a group member read Psalm 23 and emphasize the pronouns. For example the Lord is MY 
Shepard. Ask the rest of the group to close their eyes and really picture what is being said in their minds about themselves.

Ask each group member to share 1 wonderful thing God has done for them in the last 6 months. Then have everyone erupt in praise and Thanks to God for what He did. 

Walk Steps
Have group members reach out to a friend and pray for them

Surrender an unhealthy habit to God

Pray together as a group, but do not pray for each other, instead dedicate a time to only declare praises and thanksgiving to God

Each member keep a prayer journal

Have each group member read their favorite scripture from the Bible and explain why it touches them. 

Read Roman's 12:1 as a group, discuss what it means and create a plan of how your group will become a living sacrifice

Have the group identify how they can reflect out God's love

Bring a poster board to group and have group members come up with all of the names of God and write them on the board. 

Encourage all group members to Attend Sunday service every single week without missing for 8 weeks straight

As a group think about if anyone has not been in the group for awhile. Contact that person and go visit them and pray ask them how you can pray for them. 

Encourage your entire group to join the next water baptism service. Talk about the beauty of salvation, the reason we are baptized and tell them to really meditate on the beauty of that moment in the lives of those who are getting baptized. 

Build a fire, or even use the grill. Give paper to each group member. Ask them to write down one sin that they have never shared with anyone. Then have them crumple it up and throw it into the fire. Then 
pray a prayer of repentance together with the entire group. Then as a group offer God praise for His forgiveness. If a member cannot think of a sin that they have not told anyone, ask them to write down the most shameful sin they can think of that they have ever committed. 

Ask a group member to read John 15:18-21 with the group. Then take a few minutes to pray for persecuted Christians around the world. 

Designate a week where nobody in the entire group will ask for anything. Instead every group member will only offer praise to God during prayer time. 

Read James 5:19. Then have each group member share the name of a friend or family member who has wandered from the faith. As a group pray together for those people. Commit to pray for those people by name every day for the next week. Also pray and ask God what He would want you to do to help bring that person back to Him.

Ask each group member to connect with another group member as their prayer partner. This is best if it is separated by gender, women with women and men with men. Then have the group commit to contact their prayer partner every day this week and pray over the needs of the group, for unsaved loved ones and for TDM. 

Read Isaiah 40:18-31 out loud in the
group. Have each person share how this applies to them on a personal level today right where they are at. then take some time and praise God together as a group.

On a clear night take your group outside to see the stars. then read Psalm 19:1-2 and then have the group declare the glory of God together out loud in Praise

Start a bonfire. Have each group member write down one thing they are having a hard time surrendering to God. Throw the paper in the fire pit and have a time of worship to God. 

Challenge the group to memorize one scripture a week. Then have them recite it to the group. You can even have a prize for the person who memorizes the most scriptures. 

Pray for the Sunday service as a group. Come early to church and gather together at the back of the sanctuary and as a group pray over the service.

Celebrate communion together in the group. Use the video guide that we have provided.

Encourage every group member to determine to be very focused, to sing and to heavily participate in the upcoming worship service as church from their seats.

Take 15 minutes of your group time and designate it as a moment of solitude for 1 week. Surprise the group members. When they get there tell them you are each going to spend 15 minutes alone with the Lord. 

Talk to group members about why we lift our hands in worship service as a symbol of our surrender to God. Then talk to them about how much more important it is that we surrender our heart. Ask them to think about what it would take for them to surrender their heart completely to God over the next week, and to come back and share that with the group next week. Then ask them how many of them are willing to follow through with what they said. 

Plan a group prayer walk and pray over the neighborhood you are walking. 

Challenge you group to go into a set amount of time of fasting and praying for each other and for TDM and its pastors. 

Plan a group vigil. Have each person share a scripture and pray. Set an end time ahead of time. You can move you group to this day for that week, have a time of fellowship and then move into reading and prayer. 

the Bible says that our relationships with people can affect our worship of God. Have someone read MT 5:23-24. Find out if there are any group members who's worship is being hindered because of a relationship that needs to be reconciled. Lead this people in a prayer of repentance. 

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