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Take The Training

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Facilitator Training 1 Course
"Getting Your Group Started"
Watch the video and Fill out the Packet as you go

Download the Packet here


Common Questions

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Common Questions
How Do I fill my Group
(5 minutes)
How do I prepare for my group during the week
(4 minutes)
What should happen right away after the group?
(4 1/2 minutes)
What is supposed to happen during the Group?
(8 minutes)
What do I do with the talkative person in my group?
(5 minutes)
Who do I go to for help?
(4 minutes)
What about children in my group?
(4 1/2 minutes)
How do I encourage the quiet person in my group?
(3 minutes)

The first 2 group sessions

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Watch these video with your Group on the first & Second week
Quick Start 
Video 1 | Week 1
Video 2 - Week 2

God's Design Series

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first Group session
God's Design for Your Life
Video 1 | Week 1
You were Designed for Relationship

Print one of these
for the facilitator

Video 2 - Week 2
You were designed to Grow Spiritually

Print one of these
for each group member

Video 3 - Week 3
You were designed to Serve Others
Video 4 - Week 4
You were designed to Connect with God
Video 5 - Week 5
You were designed to Share your story

Get More Materials fpr my group

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Step 5
After completing:
  1. Quick Start AND
  2. God's Design for my life 

you are ready to pick your next materials

Click here  to choose your next series
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