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Welcome to the Bible reading Challenge.

We have designed these challenges to help the church grow and develop the habits of a daily time in the Word of God.


There are 5 readings for each week. This is so that you can either do a reading of your choice 2 days each week, or you can catch up if you missed a day.


We placed a printable option as a PDF so you can check of the readings as you go, or you can follow along right from the web page.


In addition to the daily reading, we encourage you to add in one Psalm and 1 Proverb to your reading each day. We suggest you do this in order beginning at Psalm 1 so that it is easier for you to track your progress.

As a group, or s an individual, choose whichever plan you would like, and stick with it. When you finish one plan, begin the next!

for printable version click here!

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