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Welcome to Foundations. There are a couple of instructions we want to cover with you that will help you het the most out of these sessions!


Take a moment to review the instructions and then jump right in to the first lesson!

Print the printable forms, or pick up an already printed packet at the church so that you can follow along!

Press play and fill in the blanks as you go!

Once you have completed the session please fill out the attached form and click submit so that we know that you have completed the session.

The sessions are designed to be taken 1 session per week so that you have time to review the session several times throughout the week and let it sink in.

There is also a memory verse that we want you to do your very best at trying to memorize.

Then next week, complete the next session.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8

Foundations Session 1

Foundations Session 1

The Salvation Message

Welcome to Foundations. In this session you will learn the basics of the Salvation message. The great news is that salvation is free for anyone who wants it no matter what you have done! It is as simple as repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Lets get started!

Printable Forms for session 1

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