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5 Weeks
5 Heroes
5 Characteristics

¨ The Faith of Noah

¨ The Obedience of Abraham

¨ The Courage of Deborah

¨ The Servant Leadership of Jesus

¨ The Integrity of Daniel

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Join us for this incredible series on Character and learn what made the heroes of the Bible become heroes.

What Is A Growth Group?

Growth Groups are a place where 3 or more people get together weekly to grow together while strengthening the 5 purposes of TDM.

Come get to know others while learning about how important Character Development is in our day to day life. 

The best way to experience a group is by starting one of your own.

Starting a Group is Easy!

In fact, it's as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Grab a couple friends

  2. Decide when and where you’ll meet

  3. Register to attend an upcoming Facilitator's Training

Sign up here to


Growth Group

Sign up here to


Growth Group

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